Yes, I’ve already begun thinking about Yule; even though the leaves are still on the trees! However, if I don’t begin thinking about it now, it will be here and I won’t have accomplished anything for it! Truly, it’s a short stretch from where we are now, November 2, 2016 to December 21, 2016! My Coven will be doing our Yule Ritual on December 10 I believe, so that’s an even shorter stretch to the Sabbat!

This year I came up with a “Frosted Bayberry” scent for my Yuletide Sabbat. The scent gives me a nice break from cinnamon and spice oils because it exudes a cooling and soothing atmosphere which is actually really quite enjoyable at this hectic time of year! The Yule Sabbat Oil and Soy Wax Tart Melts are obviously scented with bayberry; a scent which many people enjoy. Although I have added just a slight “frost” scent twist of which I am not going to reveal the essential oil that makes that “frost” twist! Both the Yule Oil and Yule Soy Tarts are heavily scented as is my signature; I just don’t go on the light side with a great scent. I’d rather completely submerge myself into the scent to get the wonderful manifestation and physical sensation of the moment! After all, what are we here for?

I created the “Frosted Bayberry” scent for another reason as well and every Witch who knows the uses of their herbs realizes that bayberry essential oil or bark is a fabulous money draw scent! So not only am I reveling in the glorious scent sensation of the oil, but I am also consciously drawing much needed money into my home for the holiday season! the special “Frost” ingredient just happens to be a super money drawing essential oil as well! Later on, I may even add another money draw curio to the mix. This curio would be a beautiful addition to both my oil and my tarts, but I’ll have to see if I make it that far this year or not! So for the meantime I’ll just leave that little curio a secret as well!

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Miss Tammy

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