OMG!!! I LOVE music and I LOVE The Rocky Horror Picture Show Musical and all of the laudable tracks that come along with it: Science Fiction-Double Feature, The Time Warp, Sweet Transvestite (Tim Curry did it the BEST!), Hot Patootie and etc.! Music moves me and these songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show make me smile time and time again!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Science Fiction Double Feature-


The Time Warp-


Sweet Transvestite-


Hot Patootie-


Hot Patootie 2016 with Adam Lambert-




For the past few months, I have been studying the tarot; more specifically, I have been studying the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. I now use the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck exclusively when reading cards. I like that it has a long history attached to it and I trust the symbolic imagery in the deck. Arthur Waite and Pamela Colman created the deck together through the Rider Company with Coleman bringing Waite’s visions of the cards come alive with her artistic talents.I am studying the cards with the help of the book, “The Easiest Way To Learn The Tarot-Ever”, by Dusty White (links at the bottom of this post).

There are so many … Really SO MANY … Tarot decks to choose from these days; perhaps there are truly TOO MANY tarot decks these days. I know there are many decks with wild, exaggerated  scenes on the cards and “modern” Manga “cool” looking imagery which attract the younger generation especially; however, I feel that the true meaning of the tarot is lost within these new modernized, attention-grabbing tarot decks. Call me an old fuddy duddy if you will, but I feel that what is given up in the name of “modernized”, mostly Manga or overly elaborate scenes on these new tarot card decks is the intricately woven symbology within the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. I feel like tarot decks today are created by more of an artist type person than a person with a heavy esoteric background.

Arthur Edward Waite studied many branches of esotericism such as:  divination, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, ceremonial magic, Kabbalism and alchemy. In addition, he was an outer member of the Golden Dawn and after that became a Freemason. He also translated and reissued several mystical and alchemical works such as: The Book of Ceremonial Magic and The Holy Kabbalah. So, in my opinion this gives his tarot deck much more credibility than say a fairy tarot deck picked off of the shelf because of the artwork as opposed to the esoteric meaning of the scenes and symbolic imagery.

My final argument for sticking with one tarot deck is that I am actually able to remember what the scenes and esoteric symbology means and I can read connections between the cards as well. Also, the feedback I’m getting from people who have me read their cards is that I am on point almost 100% of the time. So in my opinion, keeping with one credible tarot deck and learning the meaning of the scenes on the cards and the esoteric symbology makes good common sense. What do you think?




GrannyMoon's Morning Feast


Fortune_Teller_witch_occult_crystal_ball_fantasy_women_females_face_1920x1200Sometimes we are tested not to show our weakness but to discover our strengths

Through this understanding of our new found strengths we can begin to unlock a more spiritual side of ourselves

Deep within my subconscious mind images form as I try to analyze them to find out a little bit more about myself

I take it all in and begin to see my future…


Set the atmosphere in a darkened quiet room as you light 3 candles and burn some Patchouli incense

Place underneath the Crystal Ball a black velvet cloth

Make sure there are no reflections from anything in the room shining on the Ball too much light can distort images or make it difficult to read what the Crystal Ball is telling you

Breathe in and out slowly and deeply feel the sense of…

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Bats, Black Cats, Owls and SPIDERS!!! I happen to be in love with SPIDERS! They are actually rather docile and they are helpful around the garden as they swallow up some of the pesky bugs! As I spot spiders around the house and yard, I choose to re-home them as opposed to killing them if they are in the way of traffic of people and pets especially if I know they are poisonous! Did you know that the most poisonous spider in the United States is the Grandaddy Longlegs? Fortunately, his mouth is too small to bite humans and animals!

Other things about spiders that you might not know is that they are actually a very good totem animal, or aracnid rather, to have! If the spider shows up in your life, it brings with it brilliant creativity as it weaves its intricate web! Some American Indian Tribes share the story of Grandmother Spider weaving the universe together. Grandmother Spider wove every spirit and entity together to make a whole, connected web of energy. All of us and all living and spiritual beings are a part of this web and receive energy from it. So, knowing that you may tap into your creative energy at anytime; just call on Grandmother Spider to help you!

Spiders have other good traits as well such as being patient and receptive and being a weaver of life’s fate. Call on the spider totem to help bring you more patience with difficult situations that have to work themselves out. You see, the spider not only weaves the web, but can unravel it as well and begin a new web. Let the spider help you be receptive and to know when the web of your life needs some unraveling, repair and renewing. Looking at the spider totem, know that when we die, our spirit energy is still hanging on to a thread in the web so to speak and know that this thread is the beginning of a new web of life for us.

At Samhain, when we are entering the dark part of the year, the energy is right to contact beings in the web of life who are not on our Mother Earth at the moment. Use the Earth’s treasures of crystals, herbs, resins and oils and the spider totem to help you to connect with friends and ancenstors … You may even find a new friend on your journey!


Find out about the next Super Moon on October 30,2016!

The next Supermoon of 2016 lands on this coming October 30! This moon isn’t just a Supermoon; it’s what Wiccans term a Black Moon as well. A Supermoon occurs when there is a new or full moon closely coinciding with “perigee” which is the moon coming to its closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. Supermoons can cause physical effects on the Earth such as larger tides. A Black Moon is the name for the second New Moon in one calendar month. The first New Moon of this October, 2016 was on the first and the next New Moon of October, 2016 will be on the thirtieth.

So, what does this mean in terms of Witch Craft?

Any magick worked on October 30, 2016 will be especially powerful! Any Dark Moon, Curses or Banishing Spells worked on this night will have enormous power! You can work anything from ridding yourself of negativity or bad habits or banishing negative people from your life. If you have a Curse you are wanting to work, it will be especially powerful as well! Choose your Magick wisely on October 30 when the Black Supermoon is in full power because the next Black Moon won’t come until August 21, 2017, and it won’t be a Supermoon!

I have a super Banishing Kit in my Etsy Shop, Miss Tammy’s Conjurings! Banishing is one of my specialty areas and the kit comes with a Loaded 10 Inch Glass Encased Banishing Candle, 1 Ounce of Banishing Oil, 1 Ounce of War Oil, 1 Packet of Banishing Powder, 1 Packet of Grave Yard Dirt and The Perfect Banishing Spell which has worked for me and my clients many, many times. With these materials and my spell I have successfully banished people from other people’s lives; never to be seen nor heard of again!

The Banishing Spell Kit in my Etsy Shop, Miss Tammy’s Conjurings, is on sale until this Saturday, October 22 at 10:00 p.m. EST at 25% off for $33.75. My advice is to get it now and be ready for the Black Supermoon! The Banishing Spell Kits take some time to make, so I will offer only 5 kits total. Go ahead and get yours today!


I can work the spell for you for $100.00. If you would like for me to do the working, message me on Facebook

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Peace and Blessings!

Miss Tammy