OMG!!! I LOVE music and I LOVE The Rocky Horror Picture Show Musical and all of the laudable tracks that come along with it: Science Fiction-Double Feature, The Time Warp, Sweet Transvestite (Tim Curry did it the BEST!), Hot Patootie and etc.! Music moves me and these songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show make me smile time and time again!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Science Fiction Double Feature-


The Time Warp-


Sweet Transvestite-


Hot Patootie-


Hot Patootie 2016 with Adam Lambert-




Bats, Black Cats, Owls and SPIDERS!!! I happen to be in love with SPIDERS! They are actually rather docile and they are helpful around the garden as they swallow up some of the pesky bugs! As I spot spiders around the house and yard, I choose to re-home them as opposed to killing them if they are in the way of traffic of people and pets especially if I know they are poisonous! Did you know that the most poisonous spider in the United States is the Grandaddy Longlegs? Fortunately, his mouth is too small to bite humans and animals!

Other things about spiders that you might not know is that they are actually a very good totem animal, or aracnid rather, to have! If the spider shows up in your life, it brings with it brilliant creativity as it weaves its intricate web! Some American Indian Tribes share the story of Grandmother Spider weaving the universe together. Grandmother Spider wove every spirit and entity together to make a whole, connected web of energy. All of us and all living and spiritual beings are a part of this web and receive energy from it. So, knowing that you may tap into your creative energy at anytime; just call on Grandmother Spider to help you!

Spiders have other good traits as well such as being patient and receptive and being a weaver of life’s fate. Call on the spider totem to help bring you more patience with difficult situations that have to work themselves out. You see, the spider not only weaves the web, but can unravel it as well and begin a new web. Let the spider help you be receptive and to know when the web of your life needs some unraveling, repair and renewing. Looking at the spider totem, know that when we die, our spirit energy is still hanging on to a thread in the web so to speak and know that this thread is the beginning of a new web of life for us.

At Samhain, when we are entering the dark part of the year, the energy is right to contact beings in the web of life who are not on our Mother Earth at the moment. Use the Earth’s treasures of crystals, herbs, resins and oils and the spider totem to help you to connect with friends and ancenstors … You may even find a new friend on your journey!

Samhain Soy Tarts!

img_0906Samhain Soy Tarts

I had the BEST time yesterday creating my Samhain Soy Tarts! I’m also having a great time using them! They are for sale in my Etsy Shop, Miss Tammy’s Conjurings for $4.31 while supplies last … Just click on the blue link to get to the tarts in my shop! I love creating wonderful blends of essential oils! It’s one of my favorite things to do and my scents turn out extremely well! The Samhain Soy Tarts are a blend of Patchouli, Clove Bud, Allspice, Pumpkin, Orange and more! They give off a classic Halloween scent that is remeniscent of old Halloween, Black Cats, Haunted Houses, Treats, Tricks, Ghosts, Foggy Graveyards and more! I think I’ll make some Pumpkin Spice Soy Tarts today! I just love the scents of this season of the year! I string it out as long as I can because this time of the year is SO MAGICKAL!!! Samhain itself lands on a Dark Moon this year making it all the more spooky and mysterious! Don’t forget to pick up your Samhain Soy Tarts at Miss Tammy’s Etsy Shop today!