Why I’ll wear a #SafetyPin

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Chris Sampson

I really really don’t like public displays of passive activism. I didn’t even do the Ice Bucket Challenge! But #SafetyPin is different.

It’s different because it’s inclusive. Anti-racism and anti-xenophobia movements are needed right now, as hate crimes have increased since the EU referendum. But there are other groups of people who deal with these kinds of attacks. Transgender people regularly experience harassment. The mass shooting at Pulse was a brutal reminder of some people’s views towards gay people. You don’t have to spend much time on Twitter or in a male-dominated environment to witness sexism. The safety pin can stand for all of these. And it needn’t detract from the anti-racist message – that’s the beauty of #SafetyPin, it’s intersectional.

It’s different because it goes beyond a timid form of solidarity and sends a practical message. It makes the statement that “you are safe with me”. That’s a commitment. A commitment to…

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I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts this morning as I have been glued to CNN since early yesterday. Clearly, the majority of people in this Nation are cheering as I am in a still numb state of shock and dismay as to how an extreme misogynistic bigot such as now President Elect Donald Trump could actually succeed in seizing the Office of President of the United States of America. To quote Hillary Clinton, “This is painful, and it will be for a long time.” Clinton went on to say that, “Our Country is more deeply divided than we thought.” This is an incredibly painful time for me as an individual and an American because I feel like I have been shut out in the cold by my Country and perhaps even by some of my own friends and family. I feel this way because I am a female, a lesbian, a Witch and also an individual with a disability. I am now terrified that I will lose my insurance; this is becoming a clear fact to me as I listen to reporters talk about President Elect Donald Trump repealing Obamacare on his first day in the Oval Office. The problem is that I am hearing that Obamacare will be repealed without a replacement plan ready to go into place. Another problem I am having is that I am hearing the reporters saying that millions of people will use their insurance and I am very fearful that I will be one of those people. In addition, I am feeling that I am definitely in the minority side of the divide in this Country right now. Interestingly, mainly because I am a female individual with a disability more so than the facts that I am a lesbian and a Witch. I have struggled, suffered and fought tooth and nail through breast cancer stage 3b and high dose and radical treatments to save my life when I was 32 along with the mental trauma which comes along with the disabilities that I found I had post-treatment which I was not expecting. Also, unfortunately in November of 2015, my heart failed as a result of the Adriamycin chemotherapy during cancer. Up until November 2015, I thought I was doing much better physically and mentally; now that is not the case at all, I am completely disabled and I have to rely on other people to help me through my life and that will never change. There is nothing my cardiologists can do about the damage to my heart. I am on cardiac medicines, I use a CPAP machine to keep me breathing at night and on September 21, 2016 I had a subcutaneous defibrillator surgically placed in my body to shock my heart if my heart goes into tachycardia. I have a very limited energy supply in my waking hours and I can lose all of my energy at any time and this has been a new disability which I now must deal with. So with Donald Trump as the President Elect, who has made light of individuals with disabilities, I definitely feel marginalized. Subsequently, my oncologist who saved my life from succumbing to cancer was from The Lebanese Republic in the Middle East where at least 54% of the population is Muslim. I am worried about what will happen to him and his family. My oncologist is a man who is on the cutting edge of cancer prevention and treatment, he is one of the oncologists exploring stem cell treatment and other new treatments for cancer and he is a person who is contributing to our knowledge base about cancer in our Nation. He and his family should not be deported from the United States because he has and still is a contributing American citizen.

The thing I am absolutely sure of which will matter the most to me and people around me is not the fact that Donald Trump is the President Elect; what matters the most is my own reaction to what has happened. What is my reaction to President Elect Donald Trump? My first reaction is to acknowledge myself as a unique and great individual with resounding strength and determination. I refuse to allow myself to be marginalized and silenced! I will listen to what President Elect Trump is saying and watch what he is doing and if I strongly disagree with what he is proposing, I am going to write my local and state representatives and I am going to join protest groups with the same values and beliefs that I hold dear to my heart. I am going to be heard as I refuse to idly sit by and allow laws to be passed which take away my freedom or the freedom of my fellow citizens. One thing that Senator of Virginia, Tim Kaine said during his introduction for Hillary Clinton at her concession speech that struck me was a quote by William Faulkner, “They kilt us, but they ain’t whupped us!” It’s not as easy for President Elect Donald Trump to make changes to the Obama legacy as he made it seem; he will need new viable plans to put in the place of President Obama’s plans, he will need the approval of the House of Representatives and the Senate and he will need actual intelligent well thought through and documented strategies and tactical working operations to make things happen. So, what am I going to do if I feel like President Elect Donald Trump is taking away my freedoms or the freedoms of my fellow citizens? To quote Beyonce in her song Freedom, “Ima keep running ’cause a winner don’t quit on themselves!


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Yes, I’ve already begun thinking about Yule; even though the leaves are still on the trees! However, if I don’t begin thinking about it now, it will be here and I won’t have accomplished anything for it! Truly, it’s a short stretch from where we are now, November 2, 2016 to December 21, 2016! My Coven will be doing our Yule Ritual on December 10 I believe, so that’s an even shorter stretch to the Sabbat!

This year I came up with a “Frosted Bayberry” scent for my Yuletide Sabbat. The scent gives me a nice break from cinnamon and spice oils because it exudes a cooling and soothing atmosphere which is actually really quite enjoyable at this hectic time of year! The Yule Sabbat Oil and Soy Wax Tart Melts are obviously scented with bayberry; a scent which many people enjoy. Although I have added just a slight “frost” scent twist of which I am not going to reveal the essential oil that makes that “frost” twist! Both the Yule Oil and Yule Soy Tarts are heavily scented as is my signature; I just don’t go on the light side with a great scent. I’d rather completely submerge myself into the scent to get the wonderful manifestation and physical sensation of the moment! After all, what are we here for?

I created the “Frosted Bayberry” scent for another reason as well and every Witch who knows the uses of their herbs realizes that bayberry essential oil or bark is a fabulous money draw scent! So not only am I reveling in the glorious scent sensation of the oil, but I am also consciously drawing much needed money into my home for the holiday season! the special “Frost” ingredient just happens to be a super money drawing essential oil as well! Later on, I may even add another money draw curio to the mix. This curio would be a beautiful addition to both my oil and my tarts, but I’ll have to see if I make it that far this year or not! So for the meantime I’ll just leave that little curio a secret as well!

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Miss Tammy

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I live in Rockingham County surrounding Harrisonburg City in Virginia back in one of the most remote and rural areas. You won’t see any subdivisions around here and I love it like this!  There are vacant fields, crop fields, large farms, large wooded areas, mountains and rivers surrounding my home and it fits me just right and makes me smile! I can just take a walk outside to get in tune with nature and the seasons! I’m also thankful to live in an area in which the change of the seasons is heavily marked with changes in temperature, plants and animals. I can take a scenic drive any day in any direction; I can go up to the top of Reddish Knob or just tour the backroads of the country. The West Virginia line is just a few miles from my home and I can have a drive through the heavily wooded areas and see deer, bear, red foxes and many more types of animal life.

I can truly see the final harvest of the growing season where I live because I can watch the farmers cut the crops and clear their land for the winter. We have a heavy population of hunters where I live and they strive to bring in squirrel, deer, bear and fish to store for the winter. This area is very busy at this time of year! People here also reap the final bounty of their gardens and either freeze or can the fruits and vegetables. If you’re like me, you try to reap the final bits of herbs and plants and dry them to use during the winter season. I grow Sage, Lemon Balm, a variety of mints, Comfrey, Basil and plants such as Red Clover, Plantain and Mullien grow wild out here. It is time for me to make my Four Thieves Vinegar which I use to ward off winter sicknesses such as the cold and flu. For my Four Thieves Vinegar, I use a half gallon of apple cider vinegar, about 1/2 cup minced fresh garlic cloves, 1 cup dried rosemary, 1/2 to 1 cup dried thyme, 1 cup dried sage, the peels of about 2-3 lemons and I may try some cayenne pepper this year. I put all of the dried herbs, the garlic and the lemon peels into the half gallon canning jar and pour the apple cider vinegar over them. When I have everything put into the canning jar I have two options: I can either put the lid on the jar and let it sit in a dark place for two to four weeks, or I can dump it all into a big pot on the stove and heat it without boiling it until I feel I have gotten the precious oils and liquids out of all of my ingredients, strain it and put it into the canning jar and store the liquid in a dark place to take as a tincture during the winter to ward off illnesses. I have recently learned that I can add honey to the mixture as well! I believe adding honey would be a good thing because not only is honey another natural preservative, but it would tame the flavor of the vinegar mixture which I already take as a tincture and marinate chicken in! I think I will try mixing honey into my Four Thieves Vinegar this fall as well!

I will leave you with a few pictures of our scenic land: